Plastic 4 Lock Padlock Station



Master Lock 1482BFRC English/French Plastic 4 Lock Padlock Station Features:

  • 1 - French/English safety lockout padlock station designed for 4 padlocks
  • Unfilled: add padlocks of your choice
  • Lockable translucent cover protects lockout supplies from dust and grime, while ensuring lockout padlocks are there when you need them
  • Made from resilient polycarbonate material that provides 2 times the heat resistance and 4 times the impact strength of typical padlock stations
  • One piece molded construction means there are no glued hanger clips or tag pockets that could come loose
  • Reinforced snap-on clips make storing and removing padlocks and hasps easy
  • Station size: 12-1/4" high and 16" wide x 1-3/4" deep
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