S1900 Deluxe Tag Center



Keep your lockout tagout supplies like tags, safety padlocks, electrical lockouts, padlock hasps, and valve lockouts near equipment with this heavy duty lockout station.

Master Lock S1900 Deluxe Tag Center Lockout Station Features:

  • Deluxe capacity lockout station holds departmental lockout supplies
  • 16 hanger clips; each holds 2 padlocks or hasps
  • Moveable dividers in top and bottom trays help organize safety lockout devices
  • Holes provided along with bottom for optional peg hook hangers for hanging bulky lockout devices
  • Each compartment in lower section holds 25 lockout tags each, 150 lockout tags total
  • Deluxe Lockout Station comes unfilled
  • Size: 23.5" wide x 27" tall x 4.5" deep
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