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Cable Lockouts

If you have several energy sources or valves that you need to lock out at the same time, then cable lockout devices are what you are looking for. Cable lockouts allow for multiple device lockouts, creating extra precautionary measures for any job site. An adjustable lockout cable device from Master Lock ensures a secure fit each time they are secured. Cable lockouts are a quick and economical lockout safety solution for numerous applications. Standard cable lockouts have a 3' cable, and 15' extended cables are sold separately. Make sure to meet OSHA lockout safety requirements and keep workers safe with Master Lock cable lockouts.

Lockout Cable Features & Benefits

Our cable lock out devices offer many different types of features and benefits in regard to lockability and job site safety, some of which include:

  • Pull-Tight Cables – These types of cable lock out devices adjust for a secure fit every time.
  • Integrated Safety Hasp – This feature is ideal for multiple circuit breaker panel and side-by-side gate valve lockouts.
  • Steel Cable – Master Lock’s steel cable is tough, flexible, and multi-stranded. It is also insulated with a PVC free, transparent plastic coating.
  • Cable Feed – The cable has the benefit of being fed through the points to be locked out, then back through the lockout body for extra security.
  • Cinch-Tight – This patented Master Lock cable lockout feature removes any built-up slack.
  • Tough & Rugged – The lightweight thermoplastic body withstands chemicals and other abrasives.
  • Safety Labels - High-visibility, re-usable, write-on safety labels are included with the cable lock out device.
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15" Cable for Cable Lockout
15" Cable for
Cable Lockout

8615 - 15"
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Cable Lockout
Cable Lockout
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