Metal & X-Ray Detectable

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Engineered Metal & X-Ray Detectable Safety Products

All of the Lomont IMT Signs & Tags can be manufactured for metal & X-ray detection. Using state of the art technology, Lomont IMT will build your visual marking systems to be fully in compliance with your HACCP program for detectability.

The metal detectable & X-ray detectable compounds are molded directly into the plastic. Because your graphics are molded into the plastic substrate, the entire assembly is safe from foreign object mistakes. We can work with your engineering department to research all of the detection capabilities you may require.

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Available Custom Product Sizes:

Safety Signs Safety Tags Hole Covers
safety sign sizes safety tag sizes hole cover sizes

Case Study: Metal & X-Ray Detectable Safety Products

A major prepared foods manufacturer, hoping to improve their facilities’ visual management systems and needing a product to guard against costly and time-consuming recalls caused by foreign objects entering their production streams, was in need of durable, highly visible, and—most importantly—easy to detect signs and safety tags. The manufacturer wisely turned to Lomont IMT.

Lomont provided the customer with metal and x-ray detectable signs and tags that matched the requirements of their visual management and HACCP systems. In the event that a piece of one of these signs does make its way into the food processing stream, it will be easy to find using metal detection and x-ray scanning equipment.

Using easily recognizable graphics and pictographs, Lomont’s unique products make plant operations safer, efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, because the manufacturer operates multiple plants around the country, Lomont’s signs and safety tags helped create uniformity throughout their facilities.

As a food manufacturing company, the customer must perform many daily cleaning procedures throughout their facilities. As such, they needed to ensure that their safety signs and tags could stand up to the rigors of the cleaning process without degrading—replacement can be costly, and operating without the signs in place is not an option. Lomont delivered.

Using patented in-mold technology (IMT) to create signs and tags, Lomont continues to set the pace in extreme environments where standard solutions are impediments to a well-managed visual system.

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