From wellheads to refineries, the petrochemical industry involves a wide range of machinery and facilities. Highly visible, easy-to-read signage is important in all areas of petrochemical processing for employee safety, operational efficiency, equipment inspection, and regulatory compliance (EPA, OSHA, etc.). However, corrosive chemicals and demanding indoor and outdoor working conditions can quickly deteriorate visual management products.

Having to replace safety, instructional, or inspection signs on a regular basis can be a costly and time-consuming process, and damaged, worn out, or illegible signs can draw significant fines during safety inspections. To alleviate these concerns, Lomont IMT offers durable and customizable plastic signs, tags, and placards that can withstand the harsh chemicals and environmental factors found in petrochemical processing while communicating all the information you need to display, exactly as you want to display it.

Lomont’s products provide unrivaled durability and visibility. They’re tough enough to stand up to extreme conditions and chemical exposure, and can be manufactured with permanent text, bar codes, numbering, diagrams, graphics, logos and more, designed by our in-house graphics team, that meets your unique specifications. Our products are customizable, cost-effective solutions for your safety, visual management, and corporate/regulatory compliance needs.

Our products are the best on the market. From safety signs to barcode tags for pump and valve inspection and more, they speak for themselves in the field. Contact Lomont IMT or call 800-776-0380 for more information on signs, tags, placards, and more for your petrochemical applications.