Mining is a unique industry that presents myriad challenges. Mines and open pits are home to mineral dust and other abrasive particles, water, leaching chemicals, and other environmental factors that can quickly deteriorate safety placards, operational signage, and other visual management products. To keep employees safe, processes running smoothly, and meet EPA, OSHA, and/or other regulations, mining operations need durable, easy-to-read signage that can withstand the industry’s harsh work environments.

Repeatedly replacing safety and instructional signs in your facility can be costly and time-consuming, and worn out, damaged, or otherwise illegible signs can bring considerable fines from safety inspectors. With this in mind, Lomont IMT manufactures sturdy, customizable plastic signs, placards, and tags that can stand up to the mining industry’s harmful environmental factors and provide all the information you need to display in exactly the way you want to display it.

Our products are the best and most durable on the market. In addition to being tough enough to withstand the daily abuse of working in mines and open pits, they can be manufactured with permanent text, graphics, diagrams, bar codes, numbering, logos, and more to match your specific requirements. Our products are customizable, cost-effective solutions for your visual management, safety, and corporate/regulatory compliance needs.

Lomont IMT’s products deliver visibility and durability that no one else can match. From safety signs to instructional placards and more, they speak for themselves in the field. Contact us or call 800-776-0380 for more information on signs, tags, placards, and more for your mining applications.