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Lockout Tagout Placards

Lomont IMT Engineered LOTO Instructions & Signs

Marking your facility properly with equipment specific lockout tagout procedures that hold up to extreme environments can be a challenge. With Lomont's exclusive In-Mold process we can help solve many problems associated with deterioration and the issues that involve implementing these procedures.  Our start to finish program can answer all the questions you might have with these critical facility products.  All of our Lockout Tagout placards comply fully with OSHA lockout standard 1910.147.

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Our start to finish process begins with the answers to questions such as:

  • How do I properly mark my facility? lockout tagout instructions
  • Where do I begin? What do I need?
  • How do I prove ROI?
  • And who will help me implement it all?

We help you identify your safety and visual management areas so you become more efficient and downtime is minimized. We design and furnish aids to assist in planning your visual safety programs. We work with your team to ensure organization and control throughout the implementation process. We strive to provide you with LOTO signs and tags you need to execute even the most demanding safety plans.

Lomont IMT’s Lockout Tagout Placarding Creation Process

Though it may seem like a daunting task, Lomont IMT’s LOTO placard creation process is designed to make it easy for you. All it takes is a few simple steps, and our team is available to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish. With your knowledge of your business and your facility’s needs, and our design and manufacturing expertise we can create custom solutions that perfectly match your LOTO requirements.

  1. Lomont IMT will supply you with a template that you can fill in for each specific piece of equipment for which you need lockout instruction. You can even take photos of each LOTO point and attach them to the template. Then, simply email the finished template to us.
  2. Within four days, you’ll receive proofs for your lockout placards from Lomont IMT. If the design needs any revisions or adjustments, let us know and we will update the proofs as needed. If everything looks right, production can begin upon your approval.
  3. Once your LOTO placards go into production, they are usually ready within two weeks.

It’s as simple as that! We strive to make the process convenient and cost-effective. And remember, Lomont IMT placards are the only products that will hold up in your plant under any environment.

Contact us today for pricing and further information.

Examples and templates:

  • Completed LOTO Placard Worksheet: Download PDF
  • Completed LOTO Placard: Download PDF
  • Template for LOTO Worksheet: Download MS Word Document
  • Remember that Lomont IMT placarding is the only product that will hold up in your plant under any environment. We make it convenient and cost effective. Contact us today for pricing or further information.

Case Study: Lockout Tagout Placarding for Leprino Foods

Leprino Foods, a leading manufacturer of cheeses and other dairy products, was in need of durable lockout tagout placards for their production equipment. They needed signs that were highly visible and that made their safety processes easy to understand. But, because Leprino’s plants require five to six hours of cleaning every day, management knew that ordinary safety signage would not be up to the task. Finding signs that could survive the company’s rigorous cleaning regimen presented a unique challenge. That’s where Lomont IMT came in.

After working with a lockout/tagout consulting firm to devise proper graphical representations and wording for their lockout tagout instructions, Leprino turned to Lomont to produce the placards. Using injection molding and in-mold technology (IMT), we fused Leprino’s graphics and the plastic backing of the placards into solid, one-piece signage. After field-testing, accelerated weathering tests, and liquid penetrant inspection testing, we and Leprino were confident that the signs could withstand both the tough working conditions of Leprino’s manufacturing plants and their related sanitation routines. After 8 months, the placards are still in place and have held up to the vigorous cleaning schedule.

As an added safety measure, we manufactured Leprino’s lockout/tagout signs with metal compounds molded directly into the plastic. This way, if a sign were accidentally fractured, any pieces that may break off and fall into their product stream can be easily detected and discarded. This proved to be a key design feature, allowing Leprino to post equipment specific lockout tagout procedures on production equipment near food products where their employees need to perform lockouts.

Contact us or call 800-776-0380 for more information about LOTO signs and placards from Lomont IMT.


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