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24 Hour Online Order SDS Management & Fulfillment Systems

Lomont IMT offers a complete turn key online label order fulfillment program. We can design & execute SDS solutions that put your products in the hands of customers or your field people fast & effectively. Let us minimize the amount of time & effort necessary to get you up & running.

  • Complete documentation & order information on everything you need is available via the web 24 hours a day.
  • Minimum/maximum levels are established to assure 48-hour turnaround for your orders.
  • Real-time usage is tracked on a rolling 6-month basis to anticipate additional demand when circumstances change in the field.
  • All online label orders can be utilized through an EDI input which takes the human error factor out of SDS order entry and allows a very smooth transition from order placement through fulfillment.
  • Significant savings for both direct & indirect costs associated with the back office work necessary to satisfy a national sales force.

online msds label order fulfillmentCase Study: Providing Cost & Time Savings, SDS Label Uniformity

A major manufacturer of sanitizing chemicals for food processing plants approached Lomont IMT with a need for secondary container labels for their products. The manufacturer works in a highly regulated industry, and hefty fines can be assessed if their products are not properly labeled. With hundreds of field reps, working with thousands of food processing companies across the country, the manufacturer needed large quantities of high-quality labels.

Prior to working with Lomont IMT, the manufacturer procured their SDS labels from various sources, ordering from either their corporate headquarters or their individual field offices. The drawbacks of this were threefold: First, with labels coming from a variety of suppliers, there was no uniformity to the labels the manufacturer received. Second, ordering labels in smaller, as-needed quantities proved to be expensive. And, third, placing orders from different offices at different times was an inefficient, time-consuming process.

With Lomont IMT, the chemicals manufacturer has streamlined their ordering process, saved significant amounts of money, and created company-wide uniformity in their product safety labels.

Lomont and the manufacturer worked together to develop an effective SDS management solution. This included the uniform look of their labels, including their company name, logo, chemical names, SDS info, and more. We also included a color-coding system, using over 20 colors, for easy chemical-family identification (e.g. red for acids, green for chlorinated compounds, etc.). With the initial set-up completed and the information and designs we need on file, the manufacturer is now able to order labels online or phone in orders.

From there, Lomont takes care of the rest. We print/manufacture their labels using in-mold technology, which produces durable labels that can withstand the unique environmental conditions found in food processing facilities. We ship every order within 48 hours, even for quantities in the tens of thousands. Lomont can also update the graphics, designs, and product information on the labels as the manufacturer requires.

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