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Oversized Plug & Hoist Control Covers

Master Lock Oversized Plug Lockout Features

  • Effectively lock out odd and large sized electrical connectors and hoist controls
  • Patent-pending lockout, the cinch sack offers application solutions for a broad range of plugs and controls
  • Insert PVC tubing to block access to hoist control buttons
  • Rip-stop nylon bag is durable, flexible, and fits easily in safety tool boxes
  • Accepts up to 6 lockout padlocks or lockout hasps
  • Trilingual English/French/Spanish lock out warning printed on bag
  • Commercial packaging, 6 per carton
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453L  Oversized Plug & Hoist Control   6-1/4" diameter by 17" tall

None $25.42
453XL  Oversized Plug & Hoist Control   10" diameter by 26" tall

None $27.55
453XXL  Oversized Plug & Hoist Control   14" diameter by 36" tall

None $29.68
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