Safety & Scaffold Tags

  • Safety & Equipment Tags

Safety Tags provide immediate hazard identification by using situation appropriate messaging for your safety tag. Lomont IMT manufactures safety, equipment, and inspection safety tags for any workplace, job site, or industrial setting. Our plastic and equipment OSHA tags are created using in-mold technology for all-out resilience and sign life.

Lomont IMT manufactures industrial safety tags and OSHA tags for all workplaces, job sites or industrial settings. Our plastic safety and safety tags are created using in-mold technology, which provides maximum durability and extended safety tag life. Safety tags and OSHA tags are available in white, yellow and orange for visible hazard awareness. All of our industrial, equipment and safety tags are manufactured with large text on the top that clearly marks Caution, Danger, Notice, and Warning. Additionally, our inspection tags are available in: green, red, black, yellow, and blue.

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Industrial Safety Tags for Equipment

Keeping your equipment and machines running efficiently can help keep operations running smoothly in your plant or facility. An easy way to help keep your machines in good shape is by using equipment OSHA tags to record maintenance or inspections. This will let you keep track of when work was previously done to the machine, and when the next servicing should take place. Equipment inspection safety tags can also help maintain a safe environment within your workplace.

Equipment OSHA tags from Lomont ensures that your equipment is being properly maintained. Our tags offer plenty of room for multiple inspections, and they come in a variety of styles, and colors to fit your specific needs.

Scaffold Inspection Safety Tags

Scaffold inspection tags play a vital role in creating a safe work environment for those who work on scaffolds. On OSHA’s list of top 10 most frequently cited standards, scaffolding continues to be one of the most cited with several thousand violations each year. Using scaffold tags not only helps you stay in compliance with OSHA standards but can also protect the lives of your workers.

Lomont provides various styles of scaffold inspection safety tags to keep workers at your facility or work site safe. Let workers know they shouldn’t use the scaffold with an unsafe for use safety tag or give them peace of mind with a scaffold inspection record safety tag. Scaffold inspection safety tags help to ensure that you do not receive any OSHA violations regarding your scaffolding, order your scaffolding safety tags today.

Safety, Inspection & Equipment Tag Features

Every OSHA tag that Lomont manufactures provides a unique safety message that helps to prevent workplace accidents. OSHA, inspection and safety tags can provide potential accident protection and help your company become ANSI compliant and avoid costly OSHA fines. Some of the features that our safety tags include:

  • Abrasive & chemical resistant
  • Water proof, salt water, and steam resistant
  • UV rated
  • High visibility colors
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM, ANSI, and OSHA sign requirements
  • Multiple, reusable features
  • Can be manufactured for metal and x-ray detection

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