Danger Signs

  • Danger Signs

Extremely durable danger signs that meet ANSI, ASTM, and OSHA requirements. We use a patent pending method that capitalizes on the advanced properties of plastic to ensure durability and maximum product life. More than 20 different danger sign messages are available including: Construction Area, Buried Cable, Explosives, Hard Hat Area, No Trespassing, and more. Custom danger signs are also available. Choose from standard text-only or photorealistic danger signs.

All of Lomont IMT's plastic safety signs and tags can be manufactured for x-ray and metal detection. Using state of the art technology, Lomont will build your visual marking systems to be fully in compliance with your detection program.

Danger Sign Features:

  • Abrasive & Chemical Resistant
  • Water proof, Salt Water and Steam Resistant
  • Extremely durable molded plastic construction
  • UV Rated
  • High Visibility Red, Black and White
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM and OSHA sign requirements
  • Multiple, reusable features

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